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“My meeting in New York ,,, was a great success! I think the most helpful things you taught me were the tips on how to act more confidently and how to build a rapport with the team. My presentation went well – so thank you for all the useful guidance you gave me. Since our sessions, I feel more confident in all situations so I think the time we had was very worthwhile and certainly something I would consider again in the future.”  - NB, Editorial Team Leader

“I really value the work that you do and would not hesitate to recommend you in the future. The service that you provide gives me an opportunity to offer things that are outside of the box.” - RF, Learning & Development Officer

“I have to say that the presentation went really well – and I have no doubt that this was due to your help in giving me the techniques to manage my nerves. I’ve had some really positive feedback from both my colleagues in Marketing and members of the audience, who said that I came across as a confident presenter... Thanks again so much for your help – it really did make a huge difference.” -  TW, Corporate Brand Manager

“Thank you for all your help, I feel that it has really helped me to turn things around and feel much more positive. I still have some books to purchase, but I am listening to the CD most days!!  As it turned out, during conference I was the most positive one in the team, telling the others to look on the bright side, I don’t think they could work it out!” - DB, Sales Representative

“You did such a good job with him and he is really delighted... when we met him, he was uncertain, felt waffly, unsure of his job security beyond this presentation, worried about the politics, etc, etc. The email he sent us this morning shows a different man, doesn’t it? Thanks to you.” - LD, Project Manager

‘Six months after the communication exercise, the survey showed a 12% increase in employee understanding of the company’s goals’ - Internal Communications Manager, global biotechnology company

‘The directors have had an almost evangelical change in their approach and rapid action has taken place to address some of the issues’ - Head of Corporate Communications, international financial investments company

‘I didn’t believe in the real value of communication until you showed me how to involve people and encourage feedback through this workshop’ - IS Director, international drinks company.

‘There has been a really good response to the brand workshops that you facilitated; people are much more engaged and positive now’ - Communications manager, County Council

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