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"The Engagement Ring™ is a complete system for attracting and retaining high performing people - highly recommended! Karen Kimberley is knowledgeable, engaging and customer-focused. If you are looking for someone who can gently transform your organisation to meet the challenges of the 21st century, I recommend that you talk to Karen."
Nigel Temple, The Marketing Compass

"A cross between Boadicea and the Dalai Lama – impossible to imagine until you’ve met Karen Kimberley. She’s the business equivalent of a bikini area waxing – you’ll feel better in places you didn’t know you had! Karen has trained more winners than the Mahktoum brothers."
Guy Browning, Guardian columnist, speaker and author

"Karen has a wide experience in all forms of communication at work and strong skills in helping clarify and make progress towards their aspirations, both personal and work-based. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her commitment impressive."
Professor David Clutterbuck, author of ‘The Winning Streak’ and mentoring guru

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