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Client: Major international distribution company

Project: Internal communication departmental review

Audience: Internal Communication Manager and members of the communication team

Sponsor: Communication and PR Manager

Objective: This client was asked to justify the value of the department to the directors, coinciding with the official announcement of recession in early August 2001. We are able to help internal communication teams to measure their performance and their value to the business against the four pillars that contribute to business success whilst building their communication competence.

Scope: To help the team to establish its purpose, its core deliverables, the essence of the department and how it fits with the wider business. To redefine the role and positioning of the department, to examine the existing communication channels and potential new ones in the light of the business goals and the four pillars of success. To look at external best practice and the roles and responsibilities of individuals within the light of the findings.

Solutions: Interactive communication involving all of the team - a one day workshop and a day of follow-up with the internal communication team to review the effectiveness of the department.
Outcome: This project was very successful and we helped the team to formulate an action plan to take back to their senior management team. This included a repositioning of the IC department, a review of the roles of the individuals in the department and a review of the communication channels and their value to the business.

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