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This is a complementary set of solutions designed specifically for people in leadership positions. They deal with issues such as:


Key messages:

Our proven techniques can measure the quality of your leadership communication at Board level and beyond. Furthermore, we provide you with the support and practical tools and techniques needed to ramp up your communication performance so that you engage your people more effectively.  

The Engaging Leader: solutions

The Engaging Leader is a measurement programme for leaders and senior managers, with coaching support to build the leaders’ communication capabilities.

"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

James Humes

Communication is often a challenge for leaders in business, one that leaders may not care to admit to, or even realise is an issue.

Do you recognise any of these typical leadership problems?

  • It's a struggle to engage people and leaders are stuck in 'command and tell' mode
  • It's hard for leaders to get the time to be visible and to listen to people, or to get people to share ideas and suggestions
  • At worst, people are at each other's throats behind closed doors....

The good news is leaders don't necessarily need to be born. They can be created. And there is a robust approach which makes this possible.

We have developed a proven, successful leadership communication model that works, analysing and benchmarking leaders' behaviour, using a raft of techniques including audit, observation, coaching and desk research.

We have seen transformations both in leadership communication and in business performance.

Originally developed by renowned communication specialists The Item Group, the model was developed as a result of industrial research on behalf of the International Association of Communicators, the leading organisation for professional communicators.

There are many leadership development models but very few leadership communication models that help achieve business benefits through greater understanding and openness throughout the company.

Frequent studies (by Gallup, Hay, McLeod and others) show that good communication is proven to contribute to business success in terms of productivity, profitability, health and safety and talent retention.

A massive bonus in these tough times is that the solution requires little time commitment from the leaders themselves, which means great business results with minimum disruption of normal duties.

"The less people know, the more they yell."

Seth Godin

What do we measure?

Trust - do leaders inspire trust, listen to their people and demonstrate integrity and respect?

Inspiration are the leaders good role models who inspire people to go the extra mile?

Clarity do leaders deliver clarity about strategy and what people need to do?

Credibility do leaders show genuine interest in and are accessible to their people?

Consistency do leaders show constancy and focus over time?

What are the Benefits?

  • Arms you with knowledge about why, how and where improvements can be made, so focus can be given to meaningful business elements, thereby using available funds wisely
  • Helps develop cohesive high performing teams at board level resulting in common goals and increased effectiveness
  • Enhances reputation and credibility of leaders and the business, both internally and externally
  • Builds two way communication and understanding between leaders, senior management and other company people, building greater loyalty, job satisfaction and people retention
  • Gives communication teams a sound basis on which to build their communication strategy and plans , which will result in improved effectiveness

"I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?"

Benjamin Disraeli

What's included?

Free initial consultation to determine your needs and outline a programme to suit your brief and budget, with modules selected from below

  • Module one - three sixty degree communication behaviour survey for each leader
  • Module two survey with top 100 direct reports to measure the leaders' influence on communication
  • Module three individual messaging analysis for each leader
  • Module four external PR review for each leader
  • Module five Conference/public speaking review for each leader
  • Module six coaching and personal development sessions for each leader

What are the outcomes for the leaders?

Leaders benefit from:

1. A personal communication strategy, plus the suggested key role they play as part of the Board, with recommendations for the Board and the business as a whole.

2. Analysis of the leader's specific communication behaviours and where improvements can be made in TICCC (as outlined above)

3. Commentary and recommendations on style, tone and format of personal messages

4. A view of external PR coverage over a 6 month period in relation to TICCC, identifying where gaps and weaknesses occur

5. Analysis of speeches from leaders' briefings and conferences, with recommendations for how to become more engaging speakers

6. Quarterly coaching sessions to support and assist leaders in implementing the recommendations

What our clients say

'Karen and her team have run a series of audits for us on the communication behaviour of leaders. The methodology is sound, the research thorough and the results give us real insight that feeds directly into our internal communications strategy, which in turn allows our leadership team to make a measurable improvement in the communication behaviours year on year.'

Communications Manager, International Investment Bank

Case study

Five years ago the CEO of this leading investment house admitted that his communication could be better. He began a process that totally has transformed his leadership communication by taking part in the programme and now is in the top 5 of key influencers in the finance world. (Financial News Profiles of Top 100 most influential people)

All the Executive team have benefited from the programme and are keen to continue to make improvements, having seen how business relationships and performance can improve.

In 2011 the leaders improved, or maintained, their communication performance scores in four out of five categories over a five year period, despite the background of a difficult and turbulent financial market.

The CEO is delighted with the wealth of information which will continue to help him build on the high performance of his executive team.

In addition the business has performed impressively over the last five years with operating profit before tax increasing by 7% in the last three years to 425m. The global fund manager picked up five awards at the prestigious Lipper Fund Awards 2011, which honour funds that have outperformed peers based on risk-adjusted, consistent return.

The business was ranked first in five categories measuring the Best Equity funds across UK, European and Global funds over three, five and 10 year periods.

Today businesses are facing massive challenges- communication is a vital component of good leadership. This is one area you can't compromise on during turbulent times.

If you feel this approach could help, by all means email kk@karenkimberley.co.uk or call us on 01628 509593.

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