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The issue of Engagement

Engagement is the ‘Holy Grail’ for organisations in the 21st century. But how do you get people connected to your company and fully engaged with their role?

Engagement Solutions

Engagement is the key to performance, productivity and profitability. Did you know that:

Communication and engagement is a complex topic and not something that you can buy ‘off-the-shelf’. That is why all of our solutions are tailored to suit your particular circumstances.

We have developed a unique concept that will help you to boost your engagement levels – The Engagement Ring™ . This incorporates a comprehensive set of individual programmes. Other related solutions include The Engaging Leader and Stress in the City.

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The Engagement Ring™: solutions

We also offer a range of individual solutions, tailored to your specific needs:

The Engagement Index is a measurement programme that assesses the existing levels of engagement within your company and gives recommendations for improvement.
The Engaging Brand – analysis and review of the brand and how engaging it is for people inside your organisation (two day workshop and assessment)
The Engaging Interview – how to interview so that  you get the right candidate to join your organisation (one day workshop)
The Engaging Company – 'Deal or no Deal': looking at the employer/employee deal
The Engaging Manager – increasing engagement skills in middle managers (three day workshop)

The Engaging Team – team building workshop for team members and managers (three days)
Engaging People Without Words – examining how your body language 'speaks for itself': for team members and managers (one day workshop)
Engaging People with Confidence – how to become more confident and assertive: for team members and managers (one day workshop)
Engaging Your Team To Create High Performance - for senior and middle managers (two day workshop)
Writing In An Engaging Way - for managers and HR and Communications professionals (one day workshop) 
Engaging Inductions – how to capture your new employee’s attention - for HR and Communications professionals (one day workshop) 
Exploring The Engagement Ring™ - for Communications and HR teams: to explore how to build more engaging ways of communicating with their people (three day workshop). We look at the latest tools and techniques such as the big picture, storytelling, brand design, new media, communications-style diagnostics and team building.

Individual membership of The Engagement Ring™ will be available in 2009. Look out for details in our regular newsletter. Sign up to receive regular bulletins.

If you feel this approach could help, by all means email kk@karenkimberley.co.uk or call us on 01628 509593.

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