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Wave a magic wand with relaxation

Our recordings contain some of the techniques we use in our coaching and workshops to energise your life with positive thinking, enthusiasm and confidence, and music by renowned composer and producer Mark Arnold.

Magic Wand CD -THINK Positive
In this 45 minute CD Karen Kimberley’s voice together with the beautiful music track will lead you gently into a relaxed state where you will be open and receptive to the positive suggestions that will be given to you. This CD will help you achieve all you want to achieve in life effortlessly.

Buy both for £25 + P+P


Magic Wand CD - RELAX Now
Karen Kimberley’s voice together with a delightful music track will lead you through 45 minutes of blissful relaxation. You will be given positive suggestions that will help you put yourself in a relaxed state quickly and access a peaceful and tranquil state whenever you choose.

Buy both for £25 + P+P


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