October 2010
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Dear Karen,

Autumn already!


We liked this from The Evening Standard...


'Autumn is the connoisseur's choice when it comes to seasons. Summer has been passé for a while.


Winter, minimalist and long is like an art house film you regret paying to see.


Spring is due a comeback but right now it's all about autumn - that's IN.'


So if you have those autumn blues sit back and read some useful news, views and snippets to help blow away the cobwebs...
Best wishes,

What is Brain Friendly Learning?

Brain Friendly Learning helps people to learn in a way which uses the whole brain and appeals to all the different senses and multiple intelligences that we have.


The best way to demonstrate it is through some pictures which show how Karen recently qualified  as a 'Brain Friendly' trainer with Brain in Business™. 

Brain friendly jigsawPiecing together a paper jigsaw to help remember different parts of the course.
Karen being trainedKaren being trained - seeing the other side of the coin!
eight different multiple intelligencesThe eight different multiple intelligences identified by Howard Gardner - and some of the types of jobs that people may choose as a result!

ITOL logoThis four day ITOL accredited course was run by Stella Collins and Ann Grindrod who specialise in Brain Friendly Learning and founded Brain in Business™ to enable a wider range of people worldwide to benefit from innovative and effective learning methods that make learning stick.


This flexible leading edge learning is

·        results orientated

·        learner centred

·        enjoyable

·        cuts costs

·        saves time

·        improves memory and retention


Ann GrindrodAnn Grindrod is a licensed Business Master Practitioner of NLP, with further professional qualifications in learning, development, and counselling.


Stella CollinsStella Collins has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Communication, is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and has significant technical experience within the IT industry.


Both are Fellows of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and are active and respected in many training bodies.


And a word from a satisfied customer...

'Inspirational!  This course really does everything it says on the tin.  I left feeling enlightened, and super motivated to put my learning into action.  Ann and Stella have designed and crafted this programme with the utmost care and attention to detail - they really do practice what they preach.  If you're a trainer, presenter, or you lead a learning and development team, invest in this programme - I promise you, you will not be sorry!'

Kerry Herbert, Delegate



Contact kk@karenkimberley.co.uk to find out more or visit www.braininbusiness.com



10 top tips for giving feedback constructively
10 top tips for giving feedback constructivelyWe find that giving feedback constructively can be a problem for some managers and it's easy to forget the best way to go about it.


Here are some tips: 

  1. Ask the other person what they think first
  2. Ask them what went well
  3. Be specific about what was good or what needs improving
  4. Be constructive and positive
  5. Use the Praise sandwich - Praise, Constructive Criticism, Praise - otherwise known as Kiss, Slap, Kiss or Clap, Slap, Clap!
  6. Avoid using the word 'but' - choose 'perhaps' or 'and' instead
  7. Ask what they think about the feedback so it's a two way exchange
  8. Make the feedback realistic and sustainable
  9. Ensure the other person agrees with the feedback
  10. Ensure actions are agreed and measurable  



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy gets results - fast!

A quick update on how responsive clients have been after just a few sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). One person after suffering with 35 years of anxiety each day, woke up one morning to find they were no longer feeling anxious!


For a second they were anxious that they no longer could feel the anxiety ...and then realised that wasn't a problem!


It led to big changes and new steps in his career and personal life and he is now an evangelist for CBT.


If you want to know more contact Karen kk@karenkimberley.co.uk.

Is your Business a Mindful Employer?
With business life becoming more stressful day by day, any company that takes time to help reduce stress can benefit with more engagement from people who appreciate that the business cares.


If people believe they are recognised and cared about they are that little bit more willing to give extra discretionary effort and go the extra mile.


We are signed up with the Mindful Employer charter that promotes well being for employees. A full list of all current signatories and details of the Charter can be found at www.mindfulemployer.net/charter.html.


Committing to the Charter can, over a five year period, cost the equivalent of as little as £25 per year.


The National Stress Management Awards, organised by ISMAUK and supported by Professor Cary Cooper CBE, Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, are a new professional award scheme to recognise the UK's best organisations when it comes to beating stress in the workplace. 

National Stress Awareness Day - 3 November 
According to recent research by Insurance Company AXA, stress levels have doubled in 4 years. There are numerous solutions available to help people manage Stress levels and ISMAUK's National Stress Awareness Day is an opportunity to get involved. 


Businessman having a bad day!With work related stress levels reaching new heights, and 17% of British workers last year reporting their jobs were either very or extremely stressful, organisations must develop efficient methods for preventing stress.  While some organisations do not have an effective policy, there are many organisations that manage stress in the workplace well and it is this which will be recognised by the Awards. Visit www.isma.org.ukfor more information on both. 


Think Positive CDsIf you need to offer your people relaxation to de-stress you can download or order Karen's relaxation CDs here.


Contact us if you would like Karen's Top ten Tips for stress reduction. Kk@karenkimberley.co.uk



Our Virtual PA
Gerry HydeThis month we focus on our lovely, professional and reliable PA Gerry Hyde.


Although a Virtual PA, Gerry is very much alive and kicking based in offices in nearby Windsor and helps us with marketing and IT, and generally pushes us along to do what we need to do, when we need to do it. 

Gerry offers virtual administration support to businesses who don't require a full time PA but need help on a regular or ad hoc basis. She works with us as an extra resource, her niche market area is working with training organisations, keynote speakers, consultants and coaches.


Gerry organises training venues, materials, manuals, accommodation, all logistics, and diary management for both large and small events.

She has helped us with creating databases, mailshots, on-line newsletters, design and production of PowerPoint presentations, travel arrangements, accommodation and research.


You can contact Gerry via her website www.virtuallygerry.com or email her gerry@virtuallygerry.com



What we are working on 

Another new business win! We are pleased to be working with a friend from the good old days when Karen worked with Haymarket Publishing, nearly 30 years ago.


The BooksellerNigel Roby is now owner of the Bookseller Media Group which is is currently undergoing an exciting period of change and investment into its product portfolio.


The Bookseller Media Group has been the independent voice of the book publishing industry for over 150 years and is read by all sectors involved in creating, producing, marketing and retailing the written word.


In addition to The Bookseller magazine, the weekly source of industry news and analysis, is www.TheBookseller.com, the number one online community for the book publishing industry. It's recognised as the most trusted source for breaking industry news and information. 


If you love books, this is the place to go to find information.


Karen is helping with communication strategy and planning, coaching and research to assist with the exciting changes at The Bookseller. 

And finally...

You may have noticed a new photo of Karen in the newsletter - credit goes to the lovely John Cassidy of Headshots who has a great talent for taking photographs - and especially of course...Headshots!


Visit  http://www.johncassidyphoto.co.uk for more information on how to get the best from your online image for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.

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