November 2010
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We have plenty of heart-warming and useful tips to get you through the chill, snow, fog and freeze of a dark UK day - unless you are one of our Australian, Thai or USA readers who will no doubt delight in reminding us of the heat of their summer's day....just a fond memory for anyone in Britain right now.


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What motivates you?



This month we have been examining motivation, using a diagnostic tool to see what makes people work hard. There are several factors that come into play...and they differ whether someone is choosing a new job or someone is already working for a business.


The ten motivators that make people work hard are:


1.      Variety of tasks

2.      Good relationships

3.      Job security

4.      Favourable company image

5.      Praise and encouragement

6.      Achieving a goal

7.      Clear direction

8.      Being listened to

9.      Career Prospects

10.  Training


What do you think are the top three motivators for your people? When was the last time you asked your people?


Often just asking 'what motivates you?' can help you decide how to recognise and reward someone appropriately.

Competition - win a free motivation analysis and coaching session
We want to give you the opportunity to explore your own motivations at work.


Answer this question and email us at with your answer by
7th December 2010 for your chance to win a free coaching session with Karen and analysis of your personal motivators.


Question: What do you think are the top three motivators that usually result from our research with employees in businesses in the UK?


Use the list of the ten motivators above to make your choice.


There will be a prize draw for all correct entries received held on 7th December and we will announce the answers and winner in the next newsletter.


Prize Draw Rules below*




New Business Wins 


Over the next 2 months we are thrilled to be working on a fascinating project for a major financial institution. We are assessing the capability of their leaders in communicating effectively and engaging their people.


What makes an engaging leader?
Byron Bay

Research shows that leaders who engage effectively with their people demonstrate the following attributes.
They are:
  • Clear  
  • Consistent
  • Credible
  • Trustworthy
  • Inspirational

In our research we use several different methods, by reviewing
  • External and internal media from each leader
  • Both formal and informal communication - releases, announcements, emails, meetings
  • The leader's performance at conferences
  • A 360 degree analysis of the leadership team's communication behaviour
  • A leadership communication audit with employees to look at the impact of the leadership team's communication on the business.

Communication using voiceIt is five years since the first leadership communication review we undertook. Since then that business and its leaders have made huge strides in achieving outstanding success in their field. This just shows that if leaders take the time and put the effort into communicating well, they will reap the benefits - for all the right reasons.



Understanding the Change Curve - the Brain Friendly Way 



Karen recently ran a brain friendly learning session for the Association of Coaching. She explored the impact of change, what it means and how to communicate at each stage of the change curve - visit the website for a free guide


Karen's session involved using all the senses to help people literally 'walk through' the change curve and discover what it means at each stage. 


As many people undergo redundancy and threat of changes in their work life, understanding how to communicate during change is a key requirement for all managers.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you or your managers contact Karen on



IoIC Communicator of the Year

Christina SchmidWe are pleased and proud to announce that Christina Schmid has been named IoIC Communicator of the Year 2010 by the Insititute of Internal Communication for championing better equipment for soldiers in Afghanistan and her patronage of the Tickets for Troops Charity.


IoICChristina is the wife of Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid, who, aged 30, was killed trying to disarm an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan on 31st October 2009.


Since his death, Christina, who is Karen's cousin, has spoken powerfully about a number of issues affecting the armed forces and has presented her own BBC1 Panorama investigation into the work of high-threat bomb disposal officers.


Earlier this year Christina became a patron of the charity Tickets for Troops, which offers free tickets for big events to soldiers, sailors and airmen.


Her fellow patron Samantha Cameron, wife of the Prime Minister, has praised her 'remarkable strength' and her campaigning work on behalf of troops serving abroad.


The cuts

Karen Kimberley is taking part in ITV News' unique tracker of how the spending cuts affect the UK. Follow this at



And finally...

If you are feeling you have the weight of the world on your shoulders take a few minutes to look at this amazing video and realise that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff!




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