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May 2011
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Dear Karen, 

As summer arrived early this year we have some news, films and offers hot off the press to warm up your day.


May has been a month of coaching, training, conferences and learning. A month for bright, new, exciting developments.  We attended a talk by Dr Tig Calvert about the scientific basis of mind and body interactions and the use of hypnosis in health.


In contrast we also took part in a talk with young people about how best to engage them at work...and learned and developed new ways to help everyone concentrate and manage better at work.


Enjoy your day!


Best wishes, 





New Brain Coaching Package


stressed man on the phoneDo emails, texts and technology take over your life?


Would you like to know more about how your brain works?


Would you like to organise your day better and manage your time and work more efficiently?



Our latest coaching package helps you develop personal,management and leadership skills:

  • Explore how to get maximum performance from your
    brain cellsMan throwing papers in the air
  • Discover if you have right or left brain tendencies
  • Find out how to remain focused and productive during a hectic day
  • Measure how creative, complex and cerebral your thinking is
  • Develop ways to minimise stress and develop resilience using NLP techniques


The package includes an on-line diagnosis to profile your brain's dominant thinking style preferences. It provides you with:  

  • A personal and professional profile, using the MyBrain Indicator of Neurological Dominance (MIND)  
  • Three coaching sessions over coffee with Karen, at the beautiful MacDonald hotel in Windsor (or a suitable venue of your choice) with email/phone support
  • Two relaxation and positive thinking CDs to help you unwind and destressThink Positive CDs

 MyBrain International






This package, normally over valued over 2000, is available to subscribers of this newsletter for the special price of 1397 (plus VAT) for bookings made before the end of June. To find out more about this package and how to book, contact Gerry or Karen on 01628 509593. Team workshops are also available on request.




Shortlisted for Success*

MicrophoneWe are delighted to announce that the recent leadership communication project that we undertook for a renowned investment bank has now been shortlisted, for an award at the Chartered Institute of PR awards in June. Watch this space...!


We are keen to maximise on the success of this project, which can be especially helpful for:


  • A new leadership team that needs to understand and work more effectively with other board members
  • A leader in crisis, who needs to up their game with more engaging communication
  • A business that needs to manage its reputation better - both internally and externally
  • Senior managers looking to move up to the next rung who need to measure and improve their communication performance
  • Conference speakers that need to know how well they are engaging their audience


Do you know someone like this? Let us know and we'll be delighted to help.



* Visit for more details of how the model was developed at Item and how it can benefit leaders.



How to Engage with Young People

We attended a recent conference on engagement held by the CIPR called Engage Inside. Of particular interest was a panel discussion with a group of young people, commonly categorised as Generation Y. This group aged approximately 23 and above, are the successors to Generation X.

Gen X succeeded the 'Baby Boomer' generation (anyone born in the 60's and 70's). Whilst these age distinctions aren't cut and dried, they are ways of roughly segmenting audiences with whom we communicate.


Gen Y, as it's known, is a generation that has grown up with technology.


girl in parkIt appears Gen Y is known to be a more demanding group of young people who are likely to get bored more quickly than the other groups. You may even have one of them at home!They are very familiar with multi-tasking and using technology.


A panel of young people from the public, not -for-profit and private sector patiently answered questions from the audience of older communication 'experts'.
An edited summary of the Q&A follows:


Q. What do you think of the Gen Y tag?


A. Labels aren't good. People are different.


People have different experiences and objectives in life - but sometimes there is some truth to the stereotypes.


Q. What brands inspire you?


A. A comfortable atmosphere is more important than the brand. Some brands like Facebook and Google appeal more than others. We are inspired by and love technology - the fact that we can speak to 5 friends all at once and not just one. Older people aren't so receptive to change and they sometimes appear to envy, or be intimidated by the PC skills of younger people. They are also a bit stale when it comes to multi tasking. 


Q. What were you expecting when you walked through the door on your first day at work?


A. I had no idea.


I was expecting more investment in training in return for the blood, sweat and tears I put in.


In Gen Y we are known for treating employers as a stepping stone, always wanting something different and new. So we like it when we are given ownership of a project and can take responsibility.


Q. What's more important - the job or the organisation?


A. The job and a career is important but it depends on the individual. (private sector)


In not for profit we engage with both the job and the organisation and with the community. But it's important to have a sense of purpose and an idea of the potential for  future job opportunities


Q What is important in communication?


A. It should always be face to face. We use Facebook to contact remote friends but there should be standards set. Face to face is better - you get a bond, and if it's with someone higher up in the organisation that makes you feel good.


Instant Messaging is a very good tool so that we can chat with people in a different division when we need interaction. Facebook and Twitter helps with that.


Q How should we engage with young people?


A Let them take the lead on a workshop. Give them the opportunity to run with an idea and have autonomy.


Give them independence and show you trust them.


Encourage them to stretch themselves.


Some have a problem with authority so put the idea in their head and pretend it was theirs.


You need to give young people support and identify the core reason why they need help. It's good to know your manager cares about you.


Q What would make you want to leave?


A. If the brand declined substantially, or if there was discrimination, unfair treatment or if the money focus became more important than our primary goal.

Q Who or what has inspired you most?


 A.  We have a supportive family work environment.


The HR manager takes care about the little details, like when you are getting married.


The CEO knows my name!





Funding for Training

L&D Advisory ServicesThe Skills Funding Agency is offering funding for small businesses in the South East to help them grow.


Up to 1,000 in grant funding is available to help pay for the training solution.  This grant will pay for 50% of the fees excluding VAT up to the maximum amount of 1,000.


For example:


If the training programme costs 1,000 + VAT,you can claim back 500.


If the training programme costs 2,500 + VAT,you can claim back 1000.


Find out more...visit or call 0845 026 4298 or e-mail



Nick Hill's NLP Tip

Nick HillRemember that the simple things can make a big difference.

According to Psychologist William James, 'The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.' It is important as a leader to be sensitive to this reality if we want to promote loyalty to our organisation and avoid employee attrition.


If you have any queries, contact Nick by email or 0845 678 9900 and please mention Karen's name when you do so.




Events and Business Wins

The Princes Trust has some great fundraising events coming up including:  

WormsleyA cricket match at Wormsley cricket club, Bucks between the Unicorns and Glamorgan in the glorious surroundings of the Paul Getty Foundation Estate, near Ibstone 75


Monday 29th August.  Email for more details or to book.


Business Wins


We are delighted to be working with Bright Blue Day again, 

helping with internal communication strategy and support for Sony.


Bright Blue Day are a 50 year old, award winning design business, recently ranked as the #3 UK integrated agency in the YouGov Agency Reputation Survey.


Thanks guys and great to be working with you once again!

Connecting People

A great video about connecting internal people from Vodafone.




And finally... 

The Power of Words  



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