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June 2011
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Dear Karen,  


Welcome to the Great British Summer. Or is it?Are you reading this in sweltering heat or a torrential downpour?


Like a faulty PC our weather sometimes needs a reboot...


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Let's hope that this seasonal download will provide some useful facts, news, ideas and tips on communication to blow the rain clouds away,


Enjoy your day, whatever the weather and wherever you are reading this!


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Do these type of headlines fill you with fear?


Or do you get out there and start networking?


For many people it's networking that fills them with fear, prevents them making useful connections and keeping up with news and trends in their industry.


Karen attended a recent networking event on a river cruise (this is the most feared of all networking events as you are part of a captive audience which can't get off the boat when you have had enough!)


This event was with people from the Property industry - the majority of whom really know how to network and keep in contact with their prospects and customers. (A clue - it involved a copious amount of alcohol)


But what is the secret to effective networking? 


The key to networking is to think 'help' not 'sell' according to networking guru Will Kintish. Networking provides many other benefits apart from just generating business: 

  • Events can be enjoyable and unusual - treasure hunts, fashion shows, golf days
  • Social - you can make good friends, partners and allies
  • You can keep in touch with existing clients - where it's estimated 80% of your business can come from
  • You can keep up to date with the latest information and trends
  • You gain more knowledge about your client's industry, needs and challenges
  • It's possible to source potential new employees
  • Check out new suppliers
  • And find that all important new job!


But the primary reason is to spot the opportunity whatever it might be for you.


If you would like more tips included in our free guide to networking contact Karen.




What is your thinking style?

Are you logical like Einstein or musical like Mozart?  Find out what your thinking style is, and whether you are a genius like Leonardo da Vinci...


What kind of thinker are you?


Let us know what you are - we'd love to know!




Travel to make a difference


Churchill Fellowship Awards


Winston Churchill Memorial TrustKaren's Churchill Fellowship to Australia was back in 2008 when she researched volunteering and mentoring as a result of her work with The Princes Trust. 100 awards are made annually for overseas travel of between 4-8 weeks. 


The Fellowship grant covers all travel, daily costs and insurance.


Applications have now opened for Travelling Fellowships for 2012. If you would like to apply visit to see the categories under which you can apply.


All you need to do is share your new knowledge and examples of best practice after your Fellowship for the wider benefit of the community and the UK on your return.

For more information and to apply on-line before 4 October 2011, please go to





'Made to measure' leaders

The Chartered Institute of PR Awards went ahead in May and Karen was delighted to be invited by her clients Standard Life Investments to attend. They had entered their leadership communication project 'Made to Measure' leaders, which Karen guided and directed, for the Internal Communications award. 


PR Awards
Karen celebrates with happy clients from Standard Life Investments


We were delighted to be shortlisted for the award with the following comments by the judges:


'The judges were delighted to see an entry focused on improving leadership behaviour and making a clear link to employee engagement. This was a genuinely robust attempt to work with leaders to improve their communication effectiveness. Judges liked the methodology, especially the audit of leadership behaviours and felt this insight really strengthened the outcomes the campaign achieved. They also admired the robust follow up; including mystery shopping and have no doubt that Standard Life is committed to seeing an improvement in engagement. Overall this was a great attempt to really understand the issues and improve capability within the organisation.'




You've got mail - now if only you could find it

A new study from IBM Research says organizing folders for your e-mail messages is a waste of time if you're looking for easy retrieval.


The study analysed 345 users' 85,000 episodes of sifting through their e-mails in search of messages. Those without any e-mail organization found their messages faster than those employees opting for folder storage.


How so? By simply using the search function in their e-mail program. Those users also don't have to worry about the time it takes to create folders for e-mail messages.


The study also recommends keeping conversations in existing threads so everyone is communicating on the same page so to speak. There's even "super threading" - which automatically groups every discussion you've had with a colleague about a specific project, no matter how many exchanges there have been.


Here's more:

Thanks to Simply Communicate for this snippet.




What's your story?

Telling stories is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with people in a memorable way. And the story can be simple to make an impact.


This story from 'Corporate Coach' reminded Karen of her experiences communicating Health and Safety and making sure people think about their personal safety.


'When I was working at Pembroke Power Station many years ago, there was a story that I was told on several occasions.


It brought great joy and amusement to the engineers because it featured the safety officer.


Apparently he had been sitting in his living room in front of an open fire. Comfortable in his armchair, he had his legs outstretched; as a result his feet, in their safety boots, were near to the heat.


Safety boots have thick insulating soles so his feet did not feel the heat - until, that is, the whole thickness of the sole had heated up.


Suddenly the soles of his feet started to burn.  With the high thermal capacity of the rubber and its insulation properties, the heat could not escape.  Before he was able to get these boots off, his feet got badly burned.


"Poor man", you might say - or, "serves him right, he should have known better".


Whatever, he had unwittingly created a valuable lesson on safety.  Danger lurks everywhere, and safety is not just a matter of wearing a hard hat, or even safety boots.  It is a matter of being aware of the possibility of danger or harm, especially in the 'safety' of your own home.


And the story had its own life.  He didn't need to send out an e-mail, or put up posters. And I bet it lasted for several years.'



A powerful stroke of insight - when communication goes wrong

This is a fascinating and surprising talk and well worth watching when you get a moment.


Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight


Jill Bolte TaylorJill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: she had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions - motion, speech, self-awareness - shut down one by one.  An astonishing and moving story...

Thanks to Alistair Schofield from MyBrain for sharing it with us. To learn more about how your brain works visit or contact Karen about a 'lunch and learn' workshop on the topic.





And finally... 


Hypnosis Humour


Hypnosis humourEver wondered what the major schools of psychotherapy are all about?

Here's a succinct guide that demystifies everything:

The Major Schools of Psychotherapy  


  • Freudian - Sh*t happens but it's your mother and father's fault.
  • Jungian - Sh*t happens because of your religious views.
  • Adlerian - Sh*t happens because you think you're sh*t.
  • Pavlovian - Sh*t will stop happening when the bell rings.
  • Skinnerian - Let's poke you with a cattle prod until the sh*t stops.
  • Client Centred - Sh*t happens but I don't think any less of you for it.
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy - Sh*t by any other name smells sweeter.
  • Cognitive Therapy - Yes, sh*t happens but it's not as big as you're making it. 
  • Ericksonian hypnotherapy - I wonder how long it will be before you notice the sh*t has disappeared?
  • Classical Hypnotherapy - 3,2,1 Sh*t's wake up


Thank you Joseph Owens and LCCH for these 'stimulating' definitions....



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