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Dear Karen,

This month has been an exciting one and there has been some hobnobbing with the Royal family which has led to the theme of recognition for this month's newsletter.

I hope you find it interesting, relevant and useful and enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts!
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What type of recognition is most important at work?
Babies cry for it. Soldiers die for it.
It's one of the things often forgotten about. We are quick to criticise and slow to praise - especially when under pressure, under resourced and underpaid! Yet it's one of the most engaging things a manager can do for people.
A simple thank you can sometimes be enough and is often appreciated. But beware - just ordering a few pizzas when people have pulled out all the stops to do a job in difficult circumstances can be met with cynicism by the team.
What really makes the difference is taking the time to say a considered, thoughtful and specific thank you to the person involved or providing a special acknowledgment that means something to the people involved. 
What about a dinner at a smart restaurant for a wife and husband? Or a pair of football tickets for a real fan? Or a family ticket to a theme park for people with young children?
Just making a small effort to show you have thought about the token makes a difference. Having a conversation, remembering people's names, their concerns and hobbies and showing real and genuine interest in the individual makes a difference. 
But you also have to observe who deserves recognition. 
Catching people doing something right.  
Very simple things make a difference - why do we find them so difficult to do? Just taking extra time to show you care can make a real difference.

Making a difference
On a sweltering hot and sunny day in May, Karen met the Duchess of Cornwall at The Guildhall in London to receive the Winston Churchill Fellowship Medallion for her work in Australia in December 2008 researching volunteering with young people.
The report is available from http://www.wcmt.org.uk and http://www.karenkimberley.co.uk/press-room.php and is useful if you work with charities, volunteer or work with young people.
The Duchess, looking elegant, remained seated during the ceremony because of her broken leg. She awarded over 100 Fellows with the Winston Churchill medal and spoke to each about their Fellowship and travels in detail.

Karen originally heard about the 'opportunity of a lifetime' to apply for the Winston Churchill Fellowship award from her volunteer work with The Prince's Trust.
The Prince's Trust was a natural conversation piece and Karen talked to the Duchess about her experiences mentoring disadvantaged young people, with the Duchess concluding that she must report back to her husband!
They must have had plenty to talk about after dinner that day as the Fellows had completed some immensely valuable expeditions and some rather zany projects as well.
There were many serious projects such as...
  • Learning from US/Canada Experience Treating Combat Casualties
  • Water Resource Management during Climate Change
  • Team Selection for the Commonwealth Women's Antarctic Expedition
Then there were some more unusual ones such as.. 
  • The Journey of Erik the Viking
  • The Night Parrot - Search for Australia's Most Enigmatic Bird (they didn't find it!)
  • Improving the Welfare of Laboratory- Kept Fish
All the projects must have an ultimate benefit to Britain and the community so it shows what a diverse country Britain must be! The day certainly upheld the spirit of Winston Churchill who famously said, 'You make a living by what you get and you make a life by what you give.'
Thank you Karensa!
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A very special thank you goes to Karensa McCall at Standard Life, who has worked tirelessly over the last nine months with Karen to help deliver a huge research project across 15 business units, delivering five versions of an online survey, in three languages and organising 22 focus groups in five locations.
The most remarkable thing about Karensa was not just her huge enthusiasm, patience, diligence and dedication but also the fact that she did all this whilst expecting her own delivery of her very first baby.
KarensaSo we wish Karensa lots of luck as she starts on another new rather time consuming project and thank her for all her help delivering a successful communication review for Standard Life.

Recent wins
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We are pleased to announce that Balfour Beatty Workplace has just been awarded a flagship project to manage the regeneration of the built and natural environment working in partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council. 
As a result Karen and her team are helping to support the communication of the change and integration process and the TUPE transfer of people from the Council to Balfour Beatty.
ChristinaMelanie Quilter who has in depth experience in this specialist Local Government field is advising on the communication strategy and planning for both partners. It's a demanding project with lots of trips to Grimsby and special thanks go to Melanie for her invaluable help in this project, and to Mark Holmes and Leanne Lamerton at Balfour Beatty Workplace for their support and commitment.
The George Cross 
A more significant and poignant piece of recognition also happened in early June when Karen's cousin Christina Schmid received the George Cross on behalf of her husband Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid.
As a significant way of recognising Olaf's heroism a private ceremony was held with the Queen. Christina, her parents and son, were granted an intimate ceremony in the palace's state dining room, away from the other investitures and with only the Queen present.
C-2Christina said, 'The George Cross serves as a reminder of endurance and sacrifice of all our servicemen and women out there on the ground now. In heralding and awarding Oz, one soldier, I hope it serves to raise the status of each and every one of them.'

By dedicating the George Cross to his fellow soldiers still serving in Afghanistan she added that extra level of recognition that they so deserve. Staff Sergeant Schmid of the Royal Logistical Corps died instantly on his last day of a five month tour as he tried to disarm an improvised explosive device last October in Helmand. He was hugely regarded by his peers as he had disarmed 64 road side bombs in five months, saving countless lives.
You can donate to Help for Heroes here in a page commemorating Olaf Schmid. 

And finally... On a lighter note take just ten minutes to look at this superb video kindly supplied by Russell-Oliver Brooklands which challenges much conventional thinking about what motivates employees. 
What do you think motivates people?

Research shows people get engaged because they enjoy meaningful work, achieving a task, being part of a team...and having a line manager who communicates and motivates people.
If you know a manager, or are one yourself, who could benefit from a refresher in motivation and engagement contact Karen on kk@karenkimberley.co.uk or call 01628 509593 for a free and confidential conversation.
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What type of recognition is most important at work?
Making a difference
Thank you Karensa!
Recent wins
The George Cross
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