January 2011
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A brief update this month as Karen spent much of January on a 1000 km road trip in California, travelling from San Francisco to San Diego along much of Silicon Valley, witnessing great landscapes, communication and innovation along the way.


MenuA menu that lit up at night in a Venice Beach rooftop bar, a pager that lit up to tell you the lunch order was ready in Santa Barbara. Most impressive though were the people that lit up every time you placed an order.


Is outstanding customer service arguably the best innovation that America has provided the world? 

Best wishes,


What do Warren Bennis and Bill Gates say is the secret of their success? 


A recent interview with Warren Bennis and Bill Gates showed them talking about the secrets of their success with MBA students at Columbia University. Here are some extracts:


Bill attributed a lot of his success to luck - being in the right place at the right time. Both men said they had a passion for what they did and didn't do it just to make money.


Bill said how he admires Warren's integrity and how he loves to teach. Both felt that having a mentor was a key element in their success.


What's the most important thing Bill Gates does every day?

Bill GatesOne tricky question posed for Bill was 'what is the most important thing that you do every day?'


Initially he appeared thrown by the question but swiftly recovered and answered that it would be reading - and therefore learning - each day.



What does Warren Bennis think makes his investments worth 50 per cent more?


Warren BennisWarren said that he would invest in ten per cent of all the students at Columbia, However, if they improved their communication skills he believes they would be worth 50 per cent more.

Therefore his investment would be worth 50 per cent more and he would invest more.


Isn't that a message worth investing some thought in when times are tough?



MyBrain International

Karen has recently linked up with MyBrain International who is launching a fascinating new profiling tool in London on the 17th February.

MyBrain InternationalMyBrain International is a company dedicated to furthering the understanding of the way in which brain dominance and behavioural preferences influence and shape our lives - the way we live, make decisions, communicate, collaborate and interact with the world around us.  As a result of learning about these subjects, people find that they become more effective managers, better leaders, more valuable team members and even that their relationships with other people improve.


So what is brain dominance?

Have you ever witnessed a conversation where two people seem to be talking at cross purposes with neither understanding what the other is talking about?  When this happens we say things such as; "they're on different wave-lengths".  What is actually happening is that each person perceives the world in a different way; they think differently, probably use different words to describe things and have a different perspective on the same subject. 


These differences exist because their brains work differently.  It is the same reason why someone might be good at maths but struggle with languages - it's got nothing to do with intelligence, but everything to do with their brain/neurological dominance.


Brain dominance is similar to physical dominance.  Just as most of us will have a preference for catching a ball with one hand rather than the other, we will also have preferences for which parts of our brain we use for processing information.  Since the various parts of the brain process information in different ways, a person's brain dominance strongly influences the way they are.  Their brain dominance therefore forms the foundation of their personality. Some people will be more analytical and logical, others driven to plan and want structure and detail.


Different individuals may prefer to approach life in a harmonious, passionate and interpersonal manner, while others may enjoy the creative, big picture, more holistic approach.


Brain dominance is topical in today's world and very useful to discuss in organisations today.


As Dan Pink says:


Dan Pink

Learning about brain dominance can therefore benefit people, teams and organisations in many ways.


MyBrain International are launching their brand new neuropsychological profiling tool MiND on the morning of February 17th in central London. MiND (MyBrain Indicator for Neurological Dominance) was developed using the latest research into the workings of the human brain and provides a unique insight into the physiological foundations of our preferences, character and personality.


Attendees at the seminar will have the opportunity to complete a free MiND profile for themselves, thereby gaining a first-hand insight into the ways in which the MiND tool can be used to improve personal, team and organisational effectiveness.


For further information, contact Gill McKay, Director, MyBrain International at gill.mckay@mybrain.co.uk. www.mybrain.co.uk


Nick Hill's NLP tip

Our emotional state is inextricably linked to our physiology.
Movement creates emotion. Stress is achieved through the use of physiology in a specific way. The body and mind will use a particular strategy to create any given emotional state. Therefore to better govern our emotions, we need to take charge of the way we move our body.


Contact Karen to find out more about working with Nicholas C Hill of The Hill Consultancy, FIBC FInstLM.


Nick is an INLPTA Licensed NLP Business Trainer and INLPTA Certified Executive Master Coach or visit www.hillconsultancy.co.uk for more details.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Management and Insomnia

At a recent seminar Karen saw Marisa Peer explain her particular views on weight management and is currently reading 'You Can be Thin' - necessary reading after a holiday in the States where enormous portions are the norm!


This highly recommended weight management programme is explained in Maris's book which you can buy from http://www.amazon.co.uk/You-Can-Thin-Programme-Dieting/dp/1847441394/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1295893937&sr=1-1 or from your local friendly bookseller.



Think Positive CDsMany people seem to be suffering from insomnia this month and Karen's relaxation CDs are proving popular. You can buy them by visiting http://www.karenkimberley.co.uk/shop.php.

If you want more information on insomnia and how to overcome it, or on weight management, contact Karen kk@karenkimberley.co.uk



Going through change? You're in good company


Shaun Ryder"I know change is good for me, I just don't like it! - Shaun Ryder, I'm a Celebrity get me out of here


For advice on handling change Karen recommends the popular book 'Who Moved My Cheese?' by Spencer Johnson and Daryl Conner's  'Managing At the Speed of Change  



New Business Wins

We are delighted to be working with Quantity Surveyors PierceHill to provide communication support in 2011.


PierceHillPierceHill is a professional quantity surveying practice offering more than 25 years of experience in construction cost management.


Founded in 1981 and based in central London, the practice has grown to become a respected name throughout the construction industry.


And finally...


Branding with a difference


View 1 


Sometimes brands can develop a life of their own...recognize this one? This cypress tree is a famous symbol of California and of a particular sporting establishment.


Does anyone know what is the renowned sports club that

uses this symbol and protects it by trade-marking the image? The answer will be revealed in next month's newsletter.




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