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December 2011
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Welcome to Changing People Inside

Dear Karen   


Welcome to our December newsletter.


Christmas treeYes it's December already and where did 2011 go?


I'm reminded of a quote by Alan Lakein


"Time = life; therefore waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life"


This month's theme is based on time and aims to provide some thought provoking useful and relevant news, tips and suggestions.


But first let us wish you a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you do, and thanks to all our readers for keeping in touch with us this year.



Warm wishes,



Change your mind

ScarfIt seems every year change is accelerating in business and the world in general. How can you find ways to manage your state of mind at particularly busy, pressurised times? How can you reward people and make them feel better when they are under high levels of stress?


Try bringing a simple mnemonic to mind (easy to recall especially in cold weather when we all need a SCARF!)


According to leadership guru David Rock, people respond to threats and rewards which are based on the following factors


Status - where do you feel you fit in the pecking order?

Certainty - how certain are you about what is happening?

Autonomy - how in control do you feel at work?

Relatedness - who connects with you on a human level?

Fairness - who treats you fairly?


When change at work or in life threatens all these aspects it's sometimes hard to keep things in perspective. If you focus on these factors it can help improve the way you, or others handle change.


Status - ensure people know they are important and valued

Certainty - explain as much as you can about the situation to increase certainty. Even if you have little to explain, say so and keep lines of communication open

Autonomy - give others as much control as you reasonably can in this situation

Relatedness - help to connect with others to help them to feel valued and included

Fairness - treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself


Realise that time passes. As most of our fears are in the past or the future it helps to focus on the present moment and realise that the threats or work pressures we are under are often more in our mind than in reality.


Taking action to reclaim your state of mind is the first step in managing how you feel and helping you to take control.




Attitude is the mind's paintbrush.  It can colour any situation

For more help and advice, request our free guide to stress reduction by e-mailing us here.



A free relaxation CD is also available to the first person who requests their guide.






Europe's largest IT firm says goodbye to internal e-mail to save time

Atos is doing away with internal email, as its CEO claims only 15% of the 200 emails his people receive on an average basis are valuable.


Atos CEO Thierry Breton claims his employees are wasting 5-20 hours a week handling email. Instead of the internal communications tool, he wants people to opt for instant messaging and other chat-like media.


Breton says he hasn't sent a work email for three years. If employees want to reach him, he prefers they call, text, or visit his office.


Meanwhile, external communication will still center around email, leaving employees vulnerable to interruptions in spite of the internal email ban.


Simply communicateFor more on the story from Simply Communicate, click here  



Eat my shorts!  Could Einstein have been wrong?

Apparently the team of scientists that recently proved Einstein wrong over his speed of light theory weren't absolutely sure so they ran the test again and broke the speed of light for a second time.


After running the test 20 times they recorded exactly the same results as before.


The tests at the Swiss centre in Cern, where the Large Hadron Collider is based, sent a beam of sub atomic particles over 450 miles to another Italian lab, to test the theory of special relativity which says nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum because its particles have no mass.


Ghostly neutrinos, it is thought, can travel through anything because of their very small mass - so the experiments have raised questions about the possibility of time travel, or of the existence of other dimensions. What would this mean for communication and the world as we know it?


However the tests carried out in September will be replicated by two other labs in the US and Japan with results next year. Many experts remain sceptical with one in the physics dept of the University of Surrey, Dr Jim Al-Khalili offering to eat his boxer shorts on live TV if neutrinos really can travel faster than the speed of light. "I am not yet ready to get out my knife and fork."


Watch this space- we'd be the first to volunteer for time travel, it seems like this year we've been putting in some practice!



What do two monsters do when they meet each other in the forest?

Christmas tree in forest

We like this old German proverb - what do two monsters do when they meet each other in the forest? They smile.


It was said Lord Beaverbrook, the publishing magnate and Prime Minister Lloyd George were exemplars of this. It still seems very apt when recalling the recent European Summit - what other politicians might spring to mind as exemplars of the proverb?





Are you a naked pygmy or a big white hunter?

"There's a big white hunter and he goes deep into the forest with his laser guns and GPS and rifles. He gets a local man to help him, a naked pygmy with a blowpipe.


A day into the hunt they're miles from the village. Everything stops working and the white guy is flipping out. He looks at the pygmy and says "we're lost".


And the pygmy just falls down laughing and says "you mean the village is lost. We're not lost, we're here."


The point being that the pygmy has got everything he needs to survive. He's completely self-contained. And that's who you need to be. Don't be the big white hunter. Be the naked pygmy."  




Rock Quiz

Which infamous singer related the above story in a Sunday tabloid newspaper?


A)       Robbie Williams - Take That

B)       Gene Simmons - Kiss

C)       Lemmy - Motorhead


E-mail us with your answer - the first correct entry received wins a free coaching session in 2012.



Rising from the downturn in 2012
In 2012 we plan to run a workshop with a difference in the mountains of Morocco. You will have chance to experience the opportunity to work with some of the UK's finest coaches and trainers, and hear from top inspirational speakers.


This retreat, set amongst the Atlas mountains with stunning views of Jbel Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak, will give you the opportunity to stop, reflect and recharge yourself.


In three days you will break through limiting beliefs, develop resilient thinking and coping strategies and leave inspired with innovative ideas and strategy for the future.


The very special environment has been selected for its ethical, eco and community based ethos which helps to support and educate the local people.





The environment itself acts as a facilitator helping to stretch, challenge, strengthen and revitalise you. Each person will benefit from one to one coaching, group interaction and wide ranging future thinking and discussions.


You will come away from the experience changed and ready to act on change. Your sharpened business and organisational strategy will be more likely to succeed, faster. Your catalyst team will coach support, challenge and guide you to maximise your time to help you define and achieve your goals. The package includes continued coaching support once in the UK to ensure you deliver on the breakthrough goals you set on that Moroccan mountain top.


We will be releasing more details in the New Year and will have a limited number of opportunities to join us on this mountain quest. Check out the website for more information


If you want to join the shortlist for more information click hereto register your interest and be one of the first to rise from the downturn in 2012.



How willpower can help with drinking this Christmas

"Willpower" is a useful term for helping us grasp an intangible concept, but unlike physical power, willpower isn't something one can actually exercise. Or is it?


A recent study published in Psychological Science demonstrated that daily brain training can help strengthen willpower and promote healthy lifestyle choices. Using challenging working memory exercises similar to Lumosity's Memory Matrix and Monster Garden, researchers from the University of Amsterdam were able to lower the drinking rates of problem drinkers.


Participants in this study-all problem drinkers who had trouble controlling their impulses to drink alcohol-were split into a training group and a control group. The training group had 25 daily sessions of challenging working memory tasks, while the control group trained with the easiest levels of those tasks. Not only did the training group improve memory capacity and drink less than the control group, but these effects were still visible one month after the study ended.




This study provides valuable insight into how cognitive training can help people control impulses and make healthier life choices. With further research, it may even be possible to investigate whether training can help people stick to their diets or save money, for example.



It's exciting to see evidence that suggests that training with exercises like those on Lumosity can help keep both your brain and body fit in the long term. For more information on training your brain visit 









Are younger people less loyal?  How can companies encourage millennial to stay longer? 


girl in park70% of Generation-Y leave their first job within two years of joining. Interviews with Talent & HR Solutions Leader, Stephen Coco at Buck Consultancy shed further light on this issue.


There is much debate over employer bias against hiring those who job hop. However, this attitude is typically due to a "command and control" environment, which doesn't tend to work for any generation, says Coco.


When questioning Gen-Y's loyalty, Coco points out that there has been a paradigm shift. "Millennials expect loyalty from their employer, whereas boomers gave loyalty following increase salary pressure on entry level jobs, less jobs and increased competition", he says.  Visit here for furhter information.


And finally...

Four Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to ANYTHING.....especially at Christmas


Have a great holiday! 






4 Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to ANYTHING
4 Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to ANYTHING









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