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Dear Karen,

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2011. Thank you for your support, interest and encouragement throughout 2010.


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Motivation Competition -Prize Draw Winner Announced


In last month's newsletter we ran a competition. We asked readers to identify the three most popular answers given when we ask people what motivates them to work hard.


Chilled ChampagneThe correct answers were identified by Trish Weller of Windsor, Berkshire who wins

a free analysis of her motivation and a coaching session with Karen. Congratulations to Trish!


Competition answers:


  1. Being listened to
  2. Praise and encouragement
  3. Achieving a goal

It is significant how many managers still fail to carry out the relatively simple tasks of praising and recognising their people - the art of 'catching people doing something right'.


Businessman having a bad day!In research we regularly see a big difference in levels of motivation and engagement in different teams. It always seems to depend on the communication capability of the manager and how much they show they care about their people. 



Nick's NLP tip below reinforces this point....


Nick Hill's NLP Tip


Offer encouragement when needed and praise when deserved.


When learning and growing in the workplace, often we can still doubt our own capabilities, even if we have demonstrated excellence. By consistently encouraging our colleagues we condition ourselves to recognise this need in other people.


Overcoming the Fear 


The government cuts are a common topic and an obvious cause for anxiety at the moment. For those worrying about the impact of the cuts two interesting phrases we heard from clients recently spring to mind. 


'We have heard there is a recession, but we aren't taking part in it'


'You can't shrink yourself to greatness'.


Remaining positive and keeping active, seeking out new opportunities, marketing online, developing niche products and discovering overseas markets can help protect businesses from the effects of the cuts and ease worries.


Exhausted Business WomanAll our fears tend to be about the past or the future - and living in the present is a gift that we rarely give to ourselves.  


For those interested Karen is taking part in ITV News' unique tracker of how the spending cuts affect the UK. Follow this at

Office Opening Hours


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Ending 2010 as we started it! 
This Christmas we are taking a well earned break and the office will be closed from December 24th until January 12th 2011. 

We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a positive, peaceful and enjoyable New Year.




And Finally...
This German coastguard has a communication problem...




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