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August 2011
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Do you wonder why we write to you each month? And who actually reads this? The newsletter appeals to quite a number of different people who want to hear about different things - so we try to cover a variety of topics: 

  • Free information, offers and updates on topical trends that we think could benefit you
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If you have views on what you would (or wouldn't) like to see and how often you would like to receive the newsletter we'd love to hear from you.


This month's theme reflects recent events in the media.

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How much is sickness absence costing your business?

women head in handsThis calculator from Bupa looks at what sickness costs in different sectors. It's a really useful tool in proving the value of coaching, therapy and communication to maintain the wellbeing of people.




When DIY leads to Disaster

There is an old fashioned rhyme which goes something like this:


Lord Finchley tried to mend the electric light

himself. It struck him dead: And serve him right!

It is the business of the wealthy man

To give employment to the artisan.

It appears to be a flippant quote by by Hilaire Belloc but has a serious message behind it.


Are some of us the 'Lord Finchley's' of today who try to 'do-it-yourself' when a professional service can provide the answer? And by doing so are we depriving others of opportunities and livelihoods?


And what can happen when things really go badly wrong in the hands of an inexperienced, over-confident person?


The story below shows some frightening consequences of what can happen when unqualified people meddle in areas where human life is at stake.


Death in the Arizona Desert


FootprintsIn 2009 events in Arizona showed that people trusted their lives to someone but that these events ended in disaster. Aas reported recently by the Guardian newspaper, it even ended in death for some.


James Arthur Ray was on track to become the first new-age billionaire, thanks to his self help teachings and promises of personal transformations. But three people ended up dead in the Arizona desert. They were attending a North American sweat lodge week run by the American self help guru, motivational speaker and author.


In October 2009 Ray ran a Spiritual Warrior event, costing participants $10,000. This ended with a Vision Quest in the desert, which he said was a Native American spiritual tradition, where participants existed without food and drink for 36 hours. After two nights in the desert on the final day of the retreat the group gathered in a sweat lodge. This was a small tented area, like a sauna, which is taken to a high humid heat as water is poured over hot stones. The idea is to have an intense experience. The group was told by Ray that they would experience the fear of death but conquer the fear like a true spiritual warrior.


Indian sweat house

An Indian sweat house - an underground building covered with wood plank roof and surrounded by a wall of large rocks.

56 people crowded into the lodge which was less than 5ft high in the middle, 30 inches at the sides and 24 ft across. With only one exit, it was completely dark.


One of the survivors Beverley Bunn said 'I was worried we were going to suffocate, but I thought he must know what he's doing because he'd done it before'.





By the second 15 minute round one man began staggering round and it became clear 'this was really heavy duty' according to Bunn. By the fourth round the intense heat and lack of air was more than people could bear.


During the fifth round a disoriented man began screaming after he fell into the fire.




People started vomiting and an unconscious woman was dragged out of the tent. The ceremony continued for the full eight rounds and by then it was obvious that the sweat lodge had become a tragedy. A number of people were unconscious inside; others were being dragged out, vomiting and foaming at the mouth, turning blue and one man had burst blood vessels in his eyeballs. Despite CPR and the arrival of ambulances and paramedics nineteen people were taken to hospital with heat exhaustion and three people died, with their deaths attributed to heat stroke and organ failure.



 As the authorities started looking at Ray they discovered a lot of his claims were untrue. On 22 June a jury found Ray not guilty of the three manslaughter charges, but guilty of three lesser counts of negligent homicide. He could face 11 years in prison. The families of the deceased have launched a not -for -profit organisation called Seek (self-help empowerment through education and knowledge).



A salutary lesson for those planning personal development, retreats, workshops or teambuilding activities to use tried and trusted partners. These events are rare and uncommon but it's always wise to check out the qualifications and previous experience of your provider. And if you take part in an event rely on common sense and intuition if you are ever unsure about the safety of what you are asked to do.    








New business wins

We have been asked to help with some small coaching projects for new clients recently to improve communication, engagement, motivation, build self awareness and self belief.


Helping people improve their levels of self esteem and generating positive thinking patterns can benefit relationships with clients or colleagues


Our coaching sessions are by phone or face to face at local practice rooms near Maidenhead, Berkshire. We use a variety of the latest coaching and confidence techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


If you need help overcoming negative thinking, managing conflicts, anger or stress, contact us for a free exploratory discussion in confidence to see if we can help. 



Would you like a newsletter like this?

We get a lot of compliments about this newsletter (we know sometimes it's too long but we have a lot to share!) so we wondered would you like a newsletter like this?


Our team can help prepare it for you once a month, or more often, with professional photographs, design, content and layout. We can also offer advice on how to build your mailing list, blog, tweet and promote your services using social media.


We can write, design and edit your newsletter, suit it to your target audience, and to your budget. Contact Karen for more details.

Introducing the Sydney connection 

Australia, Sydney


Cath Lawrence is a Change & Communication specialist in Australia and is our associate consultant 'Down Under'.


Cah LawrenceCath blogs regularly for her Aussie and UK audiences and here is an extract from her recent blog...


Expectations put on people in organisations to perform seem to be mounting. The pressure to answer all your emails in minutes, the pressure to work to tight deadlines, the pressure to deliver, deliver and deliver some more - it's all taking its toll.


And one area that seems to be suffering in particular is the ability to have strong working relationships. It seems odd to me that there is a wealth of evidence that shows that strong relationships make a difference to our productivity yet less and less time can be given to building these relationships in the work place. Building relationships takes time and effort, it involves talking to people having (productive) face to face meetings and getting to know the people you are dealing with.


A MIT study shows that employees with the most cohesive face to face networks are 30% more productive than those who don't have these relationships.


Building relationships and having constructive discussions creates the opportunity to: align people, enable decisions to be made, clarify what needs to be done and motivate people to achieve.




Are your people falling asleep on the job? 

KoalaThe success and effectiveness of these conversations and the building of relationships is dependent on a number of things:


Time - creating the space to have conversations


Trust - being consistent in behaviours and words to create an environment for relationships to grow

Confidence - to speak clearly and build the relationships needed

Judgments - holding off on making decisions about others that prevent healthy relationships from happening

Skill - to connect, relate and communicate


Desire - understanding that you will achieve better results if you invest in others


Having healthy working relationships is fundamentally important for the health of everyone in an organisation and the organisation itself. The challenge is to find ways of building these relationships when the pace of life is taking its toll.



Friends at work help you live longer

Researchers from Tel Aviv University followed health records of 820 employees who worked an average of 8.8 hours a day over 2 decades. They discovered those who reported having little social support at work were 2.4 times more likely to die sometime within that period, the journal Health Psychology reports. Dr Sharon Toker said the perception of emotional support was the strongest indicator of future health amongst employees. 'Work should be a place where people can get necessary emotional support.'



Stressed employees?   

We'd like to share with you a very useful resource - the publication of the MINDFUL EMPLOYER Line Managers' Resource. This brand new resource has contributions from line managers in a range of businesses and organisations, a Foreword by Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health & Work and David Frost, Director General British Chamber of Commerce and comments from Dr Steve Boorman and others.

The guide provides practical information and advice covering:

Mental health conditions & recovery
Mentally healthy workplaces
The importance of talking in the workplace
Keeping in touch during sickness absence
Planning a return to work & reasonable adjustments
Sources of other information, help and training

As well as being downloadable from this publication is available to buy at just 4 + p&p - there's an order form on the website. Generous sponsorship by Nationwide Building Society, NHS Employers, The NHS Confederation and Devon Partnership NHS Trust means that every current Charter signatory and every new one for the next 12 months will receive a complimentary copy. 



Karen's recent radio slot on Marlow FM

Karen on radio

Karen spoke with Carla Delaney on the day after the riots discussing the possible causes.


One of the topics they explored was how volunteer mentoring with young people for The Prince's Trust could help. If you would like to find out more visit The Trust is celebrating 35 years of changing young people's lives and your donations can make a real difference to young people. 



Quiz - Summer in the City

Can anyone tell us which city included this innovative beach and fairground to entertain youngsters who didn't get chance to visit the seaside this year?
All will be revealed next month!! 





Team Focus launches new Coaching Course

Team FocusCoaching has become one of the fastest growing methods to increase organisational performance. It comes into its own in difficult times like these by improving employee engagement; cementing manager-follower relationships; maximising performance and transforming culture. It can hold organisations together during downturns and prepare them to grab new opportunities. Coaching transforms all aspects of culture; motivating and engaging people; developing leadership & improving performance in the short AND long term.


This course is very practical and provides a solid grounding in coaching skills whilst building on the best psychological models for effecting change. It is also recognised by the Association for Coaching and contributes towards full accreditation with AC.


Sometimes coaching is seen as an expensive, specialist field, delivered by external consultants with senior leaders. In fact every manager already uses coaching techniques at every level in every organisation - and outside work as well. Coaching for Change develops people's emotional intelligence enabling them to use their 'native' skill more often, more consciously and more effectively. Building these skills in-house is enormously cost-effective and makes coaching a sustainable resource.



What's different about THIS approach? 

  • Highly practical with a stimulating mix of input, theory and skills practice that will embed learning
  •  Highly focussed on maximising the learning using our pioneering Action Learning Supervision which mirrors the coaching culture
  •  Highly psychological but highly accessible - quick wins using Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Solution Focussed approaches
  • Introduces 'Tools for Coaches' which help with developing both the Coach's and the Coachee's self-awareness
  • Uses an adaptation of the Elephant's Child to provide a Coaching Model that enhances the ubiquitous GROW Model.



For more information contact Roy Childs or visit










And finally..

What happens to your Tweets & status updates when you die?


Communication carries on even when you don't! Amazing!


Adam Ostrow explores the one thing all Facebook users have in common....view here 









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