Karen's 'desert island discs' style interview on BBC Radio Berkshire
3 June 2009
Dear Karen   
Karen at BBC BerkshireListen to Karen's 'desert island discs' style interview on BBC Radio Berkshire on the 3 June by clicking on the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0037l6t/Sarah_Walker_03_06_2009/ where she shares her thoughts on her Winston Churchill Fellowship and findings from her research in Australia.

Visit Karen's new blog www.changingpeopleinside.blogspot.com for more useful information, news and views on communicating and motivating people to improve their enthusiasm and performance. Also find out more about the Mindful Employer initiative and managing mental health in the workplace.

Karen Kimberley's company is based in Taplow near Maidenhead. She coaches people inside companies, to change things inside themselves, to improve their communication and performance. For more information contact Karen on Tel 01628 509593, Mobile: 07785 566468, e-mail kk@karenkimberley.co.uk, and visit the website www.karenkimberley.co.uk
Click below to see other ways in which we have helped people through experiences of stress, depression, lack of motivation and anxiety www.karenkimberley.co.uk/case-studies.php
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