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Client: Major children’s charity

Project: Leadership communication review to assess the effectiveness of leadership communication and the impact it has upon the organisation.

Audience: Leadership team and senior management team

Sponsor: Communication Director

Objectives: To build awareness and commitment amongst leaders in terms of improving communications. To create a structured approach to enhance leadership communication performance. To create greater visibility for leaders and to make communication a central part of the charity’s strategy.

Scope: A lot of work was needed to involve all of the senior leadership team in a short time frame. It was often difficult to juggle diaries and priorities, so workshop activities and interviews were timed to coincide and fit into existing leadership meetings

Solutions: Impact was needed at all levels:

Outcome: Employee research had highlighted areas of short and long-term concern, so recommendations for quick wins and long term improvement were provided. After our intervention, leaders took immediate steps to seek out specific opportunities to engage with employees, and to focus on improving clarity and consistency of their messages.

The employee survey was carried out again two years later, when every single question in the survey showed an increase in the scores, demonstrating that the efforts in communication were having a positive effect. The largest increase was in the leadership team’s scores, which showed particular improvements in their visibility, accessibility and communication behaviour.

Our training programme for middle and senior managers helped to refresh skills and build commitment and trust whilst also demonstrating that the organisation was listening to and taking heed of its employees.  

The commitment of both leaders and employees to implementing our recommendations prompted a noticeable and considerable improvement in attitudes and behaviour at all levels. Since the review, the charity has grown in stature, acquiring another charity in 2007 and announcing expansion plans in Scotland amongst other wide-ranging initiatives.

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