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Client: A well established and growing SME in the design sector

Project: A year long programme of small coaching and team building modules

Audience: Project Directors, Account Managers and team members   

Sponsor: Chief Executive

Objective: To help survivors from a redundancy exercise to cope with change, new responsibilities and ways of working, and to assist managers with their teams

Scope: Company-wide project for people at all levels. Many people were undergoing major change for the first time and were so stressed that bursting into tears was a regular occurrence. The disruption was costing the company time, effort, productivity and money.

Solutions: Within three sessions, the problems were exposed, opened up for discussion and were well on the way to being resolved…

We discovered that the company had gone through radical change and re-structuring and had not really communicated it properly to the new teams. The managers hadn’t been given any coaching or training in how to deal with change, nor understood the impact it would have on their people.

Just by explaining the change curve and the natural cycle of emotions that they were going through helped enormously. One-to-one coaching sessions helped to draw out the real issues from the individuals. Communication coaching and team building helped the team, and especially the manager, to understand each other better.

Outcome: Group relaxation sessions helped enormously by de-stressing the team and building their self esteem and confidence. Each person had a personal goal-setting session to help them to move forward and overcome the barriers that were holding them back. Each team had a communication plan, a performance measure to show how well their team was performing, a leadership audit and a clear understanding of their team’s purpose and role.

The Directors of the company were soon congratulating us - describing the teams as ‘on fire’; ‘exceeding their targets’; ‘taking control’; and ‘taking the initiative’. Everyone else in the company could see the difference in the positive team attitudes and soon they were asking for similar coaching sessions to help motivate them and improve their performance – including the Directors!

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