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Client: IT services firm

Project: Coaching

Audience: Managing Director

Sponsor: Managing Director

Objective: to reduce stress and anxiety

Scope: This client arrived with high levels of stress, the ‘black dogs’ of depression were barking in the distance and the doctor had prescribed anti –depressants. Urgent action was needed.

Solutions: In just one session the coach identified that he needed to give his mobile phone to someone else to manage to avoid the source of his stress. Using NLP and trance sent the ‘black dogs’ packing.

Outcome: In just a week life had turned around so much that he did not need to take the anti-depressants. After the session his deeply furrowed brow was replaced by a baby-like expression of peace and bliss, so much so that the coach showed him his relaxed face in a mirror. ‘Better than a face lift ‘she exclaimed!

And a lot cheaper and pain free.

If you feel this approach could help, by all means email kk@karenkimberley.co.uk or call us on 01628 509593.

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